Goodbye Dr. Jesus Iglesias

Goodbye to Dr. Jesus Iglesias from Gadea Pharmaceutical Group (Valladolid, Spain) who spent three months working here as part of the Marie-Curie Industry-Academia Pathways and Partnerships grant award. Catherine Tighe spent the summer working on this project out in Spain, and Denise Moran looks forward to her placement next summer. We hope you enjoyed your time with us, come back and visit anytime!


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13th Annual CSCB Symposium

The CSCB Symposium- ‘Recent Advances in Synthesis and Chemical Biology XIII’ took place on Friday 12th of December here in UCD. Brilliant talks were delivered by Professor Steve Buchwald (MIT), Professor Rebecca Goss (St. Andrews), Professor Guy Lloyd-Jones (Edinburgh),  Professor Joost Reek (Amsterdam) and Professor Dirk Trauner (LMU Munich). Well done to Joseph Breheny, Tina McSweeney, Mark Jackson, Cian Kingston, Dr. Ramu Akula and Chris Nottingham who presented posters. Thanks to all involved in the organisation of the day.




Congratulations to Dr. Robert Doran!

Congratulations to Dr. Robert Doran on passing his Viva!

Robert developed new methodology for asymmetric transformations and applied this methodology in the synthesis of natural products. He has submitted his thesis entitled “The synthesis of lactone-containing natural product analogues and the catalytic asymmetric synthesis of sterically hindered alpha-aryl ketones”.

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