Third Year Talks

Well done to the third year PhD students Cian Kingston, Andrea Zanetti, Kevin Gahan and Brian Fitzpatrick who all presented their research at the Dublin Chemistry Third Year Talks Day on the 31st of May hosted by Trinity College Dublin.

Congratulations to Dr. Chris Nottingham

Well done to Dr. Christopher Nottingham on passing his PhD viva today!

Chris has made some terrific advances in his research and submitted his thesis entitled “A novel family of ferrocene-containing ligands for asymmetric catalysis and the rational design of a “privileged scaffold” mimic”.

Congratulations to Dr. Kieran Connole

Congratulations to Dr. Kieran Connole on passing his Viva!

Kieran worked on developing new axially chiral ligands and has submitted his thesis entitled “Synthesis, Resolution & Application of Electronically Varied Chiral P,N Ligands in Asymmetric Catalysis”.

Congratulations Dr. Mark Jackson

Congratulations to Dr. Mark Jackson who has just passed his Viva!

Mark worked on Palladium catalysis for his PhD project and has submitted his thesis entitled “Development of Pd-Catalysis for the Asymmetric Synthesis of Tertiary & Quaternary alpha-Aryl Containing Oxindoles”.

French Medicinal Chemistry Society Young Researchers Meeting

Denise Moran and Catherine Tighe attended the French Medicinal Chemistry Society’s Young Research Fellows Meeting which took place in the School of Pharmacy in Lille. This three day conference featured talks from young researchers as well as plenary lectures from academic and industrial researchers with a focus on drug discovery and optimisation. Congratulations to Catherine Tighe who was awarded the SCT-ACS J. Med. Chem. Joint Award which will send her to the upcoming 252nd ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia.


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